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July 14, 2015 / Robert Crouch

Friday, 10 July 2015 – Cheddar Gorge and Glastonbury

The sunshine followed us to Cheddar for a walk along the top of the gorge. Last time we visited, we were unable to find the public footpath route up into the hills, but this time we found it. Up Lipiatt Lane, left into Lynch Close and there it was at the end – a small sign with an arrow pointing to a gap in the trees.

Cheddar Gorge (1)

The steep and uneven climb over limestone and tree roots brought us to the watchtower at the top of Jacob’s Ladder.

Cheddar Gorge (6)

I ventured up the iron steps to get some terrific views over the surrounding countryside, including the quarry and the reservoir.

Cheddar Gorge (5)

Cheddar Gorge (3)

From here we followed the marked route, ascending further and further until we reached a break in the trees to reveal some magnificent views of the gorge and countryside.

Cheddar Gorge (9)

Cheddar Gorge (13)

In places, the drop as so sheer, it made my legs tremble even though I was a metre from the edge. It’s almost impossible to capture the depth of the gorge in a photograph. I tried the video function on my camera, but it still doesn’t do the scale any justice.

Cheddar Gorge (19)

We returned at this point, mainly to preserve Harvey’s stamina as we were planning to walk Glastonbury Tor again in the afternoon. Once beck to ground level we returned to the Wishing Well Tearooms for another excellent Ploughman’s lunch.

Cheddar Gorge (61)

Cheddar Gorge (64)

Once in Glastonbury, we took the bus to the foot of the Tor and walked from there.

Glastonbury (1)

Glastonbury (5)

Glastonbury (6)

Glastonbury (10)

Glastonbury (4)

Glastonbury (15)

Though breezy, the wind was warm compared to earlier in the week. The sun showed off the tower in all its glory, and we sat on the slopes, drinking coffee and soaking up the views. It’s so peaceful up there, you simply relax into the splendour.

And that’s it until the next holiday.


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