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July 13, 2015 / Robert Crouch

Tuesday, 7th July 2015 – Glastonbury

The unpredictable weather continued to disrupt our attempts to plan a day out. After some shopping in Wells we headed to Glastonbury. I loved the town the very first time I walked its colourful streets, fascinated by the new age shops, selling everything from crystals to karma, healing to mysticism, and like the food all organic.

Glastonbury (1)

Glastonbury (2)

I loved the people with their unkempt dreadlocks, strolling around in combat fatigues or brightly coloured, tie dyed dresses and tops. Most had dark tans, hand rolled cigarettes, and a nonchalance that often bordered on arrogance, as if they’d found the best way to live. Maybe they had. This time, the new age influence – both shops and people – seemed diminished. The colourful shop facades remain, but there seem to be less of them. One or two places, like an organic supermarket and various vegetarian/organic eateries, remain. But, overall, the idiosyncrasies that brought the place to life have ceded to tradition and normality.

Glastonbury (6)

Glastonbury (13)

I still love the heart and soul of the place, but we came for Glastonbury Tor, the hill that towers above the town. Our plans to save Harvey’s little legs by catching the bus to the foot of the Tor failed as the driver has a lunch break between one and two. We set off on foot, walking the half mile to the public footpath that makes the steep ascent to the tower at the top.

Glastonbury (2)

Glastonbury (27)

Glastonbury (41)

The north wind howled and whistled across the top, and the rain threatened to return, but these didn’t spoil the epic views across the countryside.

Glastonbury (23)

While I keep an open mind about mysticism and spiritualism, I couldn’t shift the feeling that we were being watched …

Glastonbury (34)




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