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July 13, 2015 / Robert Crouch

Sunday, 05 July 2015 – Wells

Lazy day today with a walk into Wells for a good look around, starting with a cone at the Bishop’s Palace.

Wells (13)

From the palace, we headed to the imposing cathedral with its twin towers and ornate carvings. There were no computers to help the people put this amazing building together.

 Wells (27)

Wells is England’s smallest city, which might explain why the centre feels more like a provincial town. No covered shopping centres and concrete facades here – just old buildings with a cosy elegance of their own.

Wells (17)

Wells (19)

Local shops and restaurants line the market square. The pavements are made of stone, not concrete flags. And there’s a gentle, unhurried feel about the shoppers.

 Wells (22)

Wells (23)

Lunch in the Crown started with a table in the beer garden, but the cigarette smoke drove us indoors. I’ve nothing against people who smoke, but I don’t want to smell it while I eat these days. After lunch, we headed back to base as the forecast was for rain in the afternoon. The local cows seemed to sense it.

Wells (3)

Five minutes after we set foot in the house, the heavens opened. We were treated to rain like stair rods, followed by a shower of hailstones before calm returned.

 Later, we headed out once more down the path but detoured up Tor Hill. It’s a pleasant climb through the woods, breaking out into a meadow at the top, but the trees blocked any view of Wells below. It didn’t matter – Harvey was enjoying every moment, and so were we.

Wells (7)



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